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New Products!

Posted on: March 30th, 2012 by Taryn

We’ve been bust burning the midnight oil to produce some great products for our awesome customers and clients. Here is a sneak peak at what we’ve recently added to our online store!

We’ve added a few items for the lifelong rockers and for those who wish to be rockers! Our Rocker Boca 6 Drawer Dresser, has a enough enough for all the leotards, wigs, and after party gear you can imagine!

For those who may not have as many valuables to pack away. we’ve created a smaller version for the consummate rocker, which can be found here.


For those who tend to be on the indecisive side, we’ve created a few pieces that will give you a bit of everything we make her at Room Service including our mixed up legs, several wood veneers and hardware options. Never worry about making a decision when it comes to choosing furniture with these dresser/credenzas!

Barcelona Mixed-Up Low Boy Dresser – Complete with 9 drawers and several of our signature hardware options, including gold octagons, crystal knobs and gold bars this will be a piece that all your guest won’t be able to take their eyes off.

Barcelona Tall Dresser/Credenza – With 7 Drawers and 2 cabinets this piece can be used as a credenza or dresser the choice is up to you! We’ve taken the time to incorporate some our classic and new wood veneer style such as, White and Black Machiche, Gray Rift oak and White Machiche. Would like to add hardware options? No problem! We can completely customize to tailor you needs ad specification!


When creating your own space within your home, there’s nothing like having a desk that completes to work from to organize your life! Our new London Desk will not only help you stay organized, but will keep you stylish as well.



You may never want to get up after having a seat on this luxurious Monte Carlo sectional! Upholstered in vanilla velvet fabric and tufted, this peice will be sure to get your party started!


Add a taste of old Hollywood glamor to your home, with this Beverly Hills Tufted Round Ottoman. Finished in faux charcoal leather and tufted throughout, this piece will add that perfect compliment to any sofa or side chair!









These beautiful Moroccan Poufs are hand-embroidered in Morocco, made of genuine leather and are the perfect versatile piece that can be used for sitting, eating, or putting you feet up after a long hard day of work!


See something you like, but not in the color or fabric that you want? No worries! All of our furniture can be customized and tailored to your specifications.

Luxury Spa House- Hout Bay, South Africa

Posted on: March 21st, 2012 by Taryn

As the weather warms up, and we starting planning our vacation destinations we look for locations that are calm, relaxing, and leaves us rejuvenated and ready to attack the mountain of work that we are sure to return back to. Here is a home that we thought would get your mind and body ready for your next great vacation!

Located in Hout Bay,  a small coastal locale in Cape Town, South Africa, this home screams perfectly executed clean, simplistic modernism! Set on the edge of a mountainside, Metropolis Design  goal was to create. “a place of entertainment and relaxation,” as specified by the client. Composed of  a hovering set of elements, suspended over a large water scape the home features guest accommodations, spa facilities and general living quarters

Here is a glimpse of the results…STUNNING!



 Images Courtesy of Adelto

We’ve already started packing our bags in route to Hout Bay, whose coming with?

Takashi Sugimoto- Super Potato Design

Posted on: March 21st, 2012 by Taryn

Takashi Sugimoto is the brains behind Super Potato, the interior design company responsible for a majority of Japan’s cutting age commercial and hopitality spaces, as well as a few in the United States and Canada, Like the Park Hyatt Beijing, The Ritz Carlton Montreal, and Stripsteak Las Vegas located in the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Sugimoto started Super Potato in 1971, shorty after graduating from Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music. The design, thought process, and execution behind Takashi Sugimoto’s firm is indeed in every sense of the word “Super.” As for the meaning behind Potato it alone is simple, plain and humble, yet has vast potential. When combined with a modifier it becomes something never before imagined, much like the architectural structures that Sugimoto modifies to become modern day works of art.

 Sensi Restaurant (MGM Resort-Las Vegas) 

 Stripsteak Restaurant (Mandalay Bay Las Vegas) 

 Park Hyatt Beijing

 Oasia Hotel Designer Club Suites 

Room Service Hollywood Regency Style featured in Design Lovers Blog

Posted on: March 20th, 2012 by admin

It seems that the consensus is that Hollywood Regency is still incredibly modern and relevant to today’s hectic world, where individuals are seeking sanctuary in their homes and where the concept of socializing in the home is as strong as it has ever been. Read the full Post…

Top 10 Modern Hotels in the World!

Posted on: March 16th, 2012 by Taryn

Who doesn’t love a good vacation? Time to escape the hectic day-to day hustle and bustle of the 9-5 environment, screaming children (unless you choose to take your’s with you…which were not against) and cramped urban streets.

So we thought why not provide our readers with a little inspiration to motivate you to pack you bags and make some time for yourself, in these great locales across the globe! We have to say, we’re ready to pack our bags ourselves.

Luna2 Private Hotel (Bali, Indonesia) 


Named after the first spacecraft to reach the moon, the Luna2 Private hotel, which is a private hotel with a large resort feel. Built by architect David Wahl and designed by interior designer and owner Melanie Hall, the hotel evokes a “funk’d up modernism” feel. With a staff of 26 individuals that cater to every whim of its guest, the Luna2 is a psychadelic playground for adults and children alike!

Hotel Habita Monterrey (Monterrey, Mexico) 

The Hotel Habita manages to squeeze comfortable modernism into its massive concrete structure, which features swan chairs by famed designer Arne Jacobsen and furniture designed by Rick Owens to create a black, white and grey clean-lined minimalist look.

The Mira Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)

Located in Central Tsim sha tsui, The Mira Hong Kong rooms are furnished with the stylings of Arne Jacobsen egg chairs and painted in hues of red, green, silver, or purple, which leaves guest with the opportunity to choose which color fits their mood. The hotel also includes a five-star spa!


The Kube Hotel (Paris, France)

The Ultimate seaside retreat, The Kube Hotel includes an elegant event venue, a popular nightclub, and a top of the line restaurant where guest can enjoy cooking classes and a wine-cellar that includes over 10,000 bottles.

Yas Hotel (Abu Dhabi)

The Yas Hotel, which is located on the beautiful Marina waters of Abu Dhabi includes the World’s largest LED display and was recently ranked among the top hotels in the world. the hotel, which is composed of two separate structures, one set within a race circuit, and one set along the Marina is linked by a glass and steel bridge. The overall design is meant to evoke speed, movement, and motion.


La Monnaie Art & Spa Hotel ( La Rochelle, France) 

The La Monnaie Hotel’s rooms, hallways, and meeting rooms act as a transient gallery for owners Sylvette and Pascal Labeau, which only contains a portion of their modern art collection. The art that is featured in the hotel is frequently changed out and updated giving guest a different view and feel every few months. The hotel is surrounded by the France’s largest yacht marina, take some time to relax and walk around the old town of La Rochelle or have a spa day.

Semirais (Athens, Greece) 

Located in a city known for its ancient history, the Semirais is the hotel of the future. Created by designer Karim Rashid and crafted in light pinks, greens, oranges and subtle yellows the hotel add a bright pop of energy to the city.

Town Hall Hotel & Apartments (London, UK) 

Located in the former Bathnal Green Town Hall in East London, Town Hall incorporated contemporary design, while maintaining the historical elements. Town Hall is also the home of Michelin starred restaurant Viajante by Chef Nuno Mendes.

Hotel Teatro (Porto, Portugal ) 

Set in Bronze and Gold color scape, the Hotel Teatro shones in the Portuguese city of Porto. Designed by famed designer Nina Andrade Silva the hotel flawlessly blend urbanity and theatrics.

Almyra (Paphos, Cyprus) 

Paphos, the birthplace of Aphrodite, greek goddess of beauty. Almyra takes a simple approach to clean modernism. Take time to indulge in the hotels three restaurants and spa.


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