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New Products!

Posted on: May 11th, 2012 by Taryn

Here at ROOM SERVICE we are always expanding our collections and mixing things up with new fabrics, designs and sizes. Here are a few of our latest….

Cowhide Chairs by ROOM SERVICE

New Deep in Black Leather by ROOM SERVICE

New Deep Sectional by ROOM SERVICE

Louiseat Balloon Loveseat in Leather by ROOM SERVICE

Bel Air Dining Table by ROOM SERVICE

Fat Albert Dining Table by ROOM SERVICE

Kubist Desk by ROOM SERVICE

Mix-Up Mirror Desk by ROOM SERVICE

Dining Chairs by ROOM SERVICE

Credenza in Vanilla by ROOM SERVICE

St. Tropez Dresser and Side Tables by ROOM SERVICE

Mick and Ronnie by ROOM SERVICE

Robert Redford by ROOM SERVICE

…we hope you were inspired and stop into one of our stores SOON!





UPDATE! New Products and Custom Pieces

Posted on: May 6th, 2012 by Taryn

New Products

A lot of people will say their favorite room in their home is their bedroom. And their favorite piece of furniture in their bedroom? The bed, of course! It’s where we rest and reset. Where we dream and allow ourselves to completely let go and just be. Our bedroom’s decor is a reflection of our ideas on comfort meeting style. At ROOM SERVICE we draw inspiration for our beds from all over to give you options to make that ideal space a reality. These two new designs, while different from each other, are full of style and ready to set the stage for your most personal space.

The ST. TROPEZ in a pale Aqua Blue velvet.

With an impressive 72” headboard and graceful sides, this bed not only says style, it gives a real sense of being somewhere special. Upholstered and hand tufted in a soft, smooth velvet, set on a platform frame and finished with polished chrome feet, this bed combines classic style with a modern clean feel.

The ROOSEVELT in Orange Calvin.

The look and feel of this bed is both sophisticated and fun. A 48” tufted headboard and the clean lines of a modern platform frame combine to create the look of a proper bed, while the bold orange color and texture of the Calvin fabric add style and dimension. It’s a design that brings all the best details together in one simple statement.

Both beds are offered in Queen and King sizes, and in many different fabrics. Please be in touch with any of our sales staff to see the unique options available to make your bed your own.

The Custom

We recently created our super popular SINATRA Sofa in a custom size and wanted to share, and hopefully inspire.

This custom Sofa was made an additional 6″ higher around the back and arms, making for a more wrapping feeling when seated.

At ROOM SERVICE it really is all about the client and making their space and furniture fit them, like a glove. We know that the furniture we have in our homes are not just random items, they are pieces that we treasure. They say things about us without us having to say anything at all. And just like people are unique, so are spaces, and we take both into consideration. Maybe you have a very large space to fill and don’t want lots of pieces cluttering it. Maybe you are a more petite person and want a sofa that doesn’t make you feel like you’re being swallowed up. We are here for you!  Keep this in mind when you browse our collections, and please contact any of our sales associates to see about making a piece that’s a perfect fit for you.

199 Home, Cape Town, South Africa

Posted on: April 11th, 2012 by Taryn


Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA) and OKHA Interiors teamed up to create the Nettleton 199 house, which is located in Clifton, Cape Town, South Africa, Africa’s most popular tourist attraction.

SAOTA and OKHA were commissioned to create a home that maximized the connection with the view and the sea, as well as a garden that connected to the mountainside, while minimizing views of neighboring buildings.

The result is nothing sort of spectacular! Complete with sliding glass doors, homeowners have the ability to seamlessly bring nature’s elements into the interior spaces. Decorated to reflect the light, airy atmosphere many natural elements are used such as wood, glass, and African artifacts.





 Courtesy of Adelto and SAOTA

House La Punta-Mexico

Posted on: April 9th, 2012 by Taryn

Being based in California we are always in the mood for a quick jaunt to beautiful Mexico, which is practically in our backyard! However are locales are never quite this beautiful. We wonder if the owners would mind if we stopped by….

Designed by Mexico based firm Centra De Arquitectura, this two-story house dubbed “House La Punta” located in Mexico City, Mexico.

The home is composed of two rectangular prisms, which are placed one over the other to form a “L” shape, complete with three levels. The underground floor is used as garage space, the ground floor as the main living/entertaining space, and the first level which houses four bedrooms.


 Courtesy of Adelto







Switzerland Beauty- Lake Walensee

Posted on: April 9th, 2012 by Taryn

Located in Walensee Lake, Switzerland this two story contemporary home with endless views of Lake Walensee and the mountains of Churfirsten.Composed of natural sources like concrete, glass and wood. Filled with panoramic views and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors facing the lake and mountains. The majority of the homes energy comes from rooftop solar panels and the stove located in the living room

So when your stressed to the limit, and feel like you need a vacation we hope these images give you inspiration to book your next vacation to a dreamy destination







Courtesy of Adelto

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