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Top 5 Modern Homes!

Posted on: March 15th, 2012 by Taryn

Sleek lines, interesting shapes and a bold, gutsy aesthetic are what it takes to transform an average space into an ultra-modern one.  And recently, looking for a dash of design inspiration, we rounded up our top five picks of homes from around the world whose owners have created wildly inspiring, modern spaces that are kind of rocking our faces off.  We’re into these homes, of course, because they feature an amazing range of design influences and work by architecture gods but also because we love the fearless stylings they imbue their spaces with. So much more than just nice, softly furnished rooms, these homes represent the perfect idealism of ultra modern design – creating a hyper-personal space that fits its international inhabitants just perfectly.

Villa Veth Home – Hattern, Netherlands

Hattern, Netherlands anyone? After uncovering this home, we’re on the next flight out. Nestled between a forest and a meadow, Villa Veth was designed by 123DV Modern Villas  to blend the lines between a fascinating natural environment and a sophisticated interior space. Modern powder coated, concrete floors flow seamlessly onto outdoor patios, while the curved glass walls showcase the creative twists and turns connecting the rooms within.

to blend the lines between a fascinating natural environment and a sophisticated interior space. Modern powder coated, concrete floors flow seamlessly onto outdoor patios, while the curved glass walls showcase the creative twists and turns connecting the rooms within.




Images Courtesy of The Cool Hunter 

Local Rock House, New Zealand 

You know we love when the natural world is able to blend seamlessly into the world of modern design, so it’s little wonder we had to include this absolutely rockin’ New Zealand masterpiece. Designed by the genius minds at Pattersons Associates, the Local Rock House is built around a tremendous rock mass and is built almost entirely of, you guessed it, local rocks. The combination of raw materials with the many louvered windows creates a mysterious yet charming atmosphere that screams relaxation. And, the white sandy beaches just steps away sure don’t hurt either.





 Images Courtesy of Let Me Be Inspired

Itiquira House – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This majestic structure was enhanced by Brazilian architect extraordinaire, Gisele Taranto who’s pairing of organic resources and a décor that is at once simple and inviting makes the Itiquira house  a top contender in the global ultra-modern space.




 Images Courtesy of The Cool Hunter 

Skylight House – Sydney, Australia

 About as far from traditional as you can get, the Skylight House, designed by the husband and wife team at Chenchow Little , inverts the classic home design by placing the living spaces on the second floor, the bedrooms on the first and opening up the roof to the heavens. Though as a term, ‘skylight’ really doesn’t begin to describe the vaulted ceilings in the living room space, the clear glass bands, separated by sculpted white blades certainly bring the sky just that much closer.




 Lollipop House – Giheung-gu, Republic of Korea

It’s a rare thing to come across a home that is so unique, so out of the ordinary and so deliciously inspiring. A sight to behold on the outside, the clean and sleek interior makes nearly as much of an impact. Based on a practical skip floor format, the neutral pallete of the rooms makes it increasingly clear that architect Moon Hoon knew exactly how many licks it would take to get the center of this lollipop just right.   



Now we’re ready to decorate and move in! Do you have in inspiring modern homes that you’d like to share? Please send them them to us, we’d love to see and share!


World’s Most Expensive Home!

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by Taryn

Ever wondered what a home worth $1 Billion dollars would like? Well look no further than the home of Mukesh Ambani, the world’s fifth richest man (with a net worth around $46 billion). Located in Mumbai, and dubbed Antilla, the home, which has 27 stories, stands at 550 feet tall and totals around 400,000 square feet.

With a enough room to house a team of 600 staff members, the massive home will only have 5 actual occupants, which include Mukesh, his wife, three children and mother. The home which is taller than most skyscapers, features (among other things):

  • 9 cocktail lounges
  • a ballroom with chandeliers made of solid gold,
  • 3 helipads
  • 168 car garage
  • A two-story health center

It was reported that the structure was completed in late 2010 and was still unoccupied by the family at the opening of the 2012 due to lack of eastern facing windows, which would give the family brings bad luck according a Hindu Variant of Feng Shui, called Vastu Shastra.

Here are a few images of the massive home:






















                                                                      Lounge Area

Outside view of Structure

This makes us raise the question…if you were worth billions of dollars, what would your home look like? We can only imagine!

New Products!

Posted on: March 8th, 2012 by Taryn

We’ve had a lot of amazing product being created for our clients and stores (including our NEW Palm Springs location!) Here are a few new pieces that we recently placed in our online shop, as well as in our retail locations!

With the weather getting hotter by the day, we found it appropriate to make a new Small Acacia Dining Table. Made from solid bleached Acacia wood, you won’t have to worry how long this piece will last. Bring the elements of the beautiful outdoors into your home today, with this wonderful dining table!

We’ve added a twist to our Rocker Boca desk, by adding 1 1/2″ Lucite legs and matte black skull hardware. This piece will be a sure-fire stand-out for Rockers, when they need to handle a little business!

Some new pieces also feature Macassar wood, which when combined with beautiful fabrics, truly turn heads! These Koening Arm Chairs are made from a Black and White Macassar wood frame, and are finished with chrome legs, and faux charcoal leather.

We’ve also created a sofa that would be the perfect compliment to our Koening Black and White Macassar arm chairs. Framed in a light color Macassar frame and tufted genuine cream leather this beautiful Koening Cream Leather Sofa  looks even better in person!


For those looking to add the perfect touches to their swinging bachelor’s pad, then this 2″ Machiche Coffee Table is for you! Made from 2″ thick solid Machiche wood and chrome U-Legs.




Can’t go wrong with this South Hampton Credenza ! Finished in deep navy lacquer and crystal knob hardware, with movable shelves in the inside.


See something you like, but not in the color you were hoping for? No worries! We can customize all items to your liking!

The Panic Room

Posted on: March 2nd, 2012 by Taryn

While scouring the interent for some weekly inspiration, we came across this amazing idea for a theme hotel room. We just couldn’t keep it to ourselves so we had to share!

Artist Tilt (with the help of a few close friends) recently created a theme hotel room installation for Hotel Au Vieux Panier in Marseille, France dubbed the “Panic Room.” The hotel also features five additional rooms, completed by different artist, which are installed for up to a year. Currently in its third year the hotels concept for the revolving installations was to have guest “sleep in an artwork.”

  Images Courtesy of Tilt Blogspot &  My Modern Met

We absolutely love this room! Do we have any readers who would love to do this in their own homes?

Top Bar/Nightclub Destinations

Posted on: February 23rd, 2012 by Taryn

We can honestly say we don’t think there is one person on this planet, that doesn’t like a night out on the town with friends. Listening to good music, laughing until it hurts and dancing the night away. Were not saying you have to have a drink, but it doesn’t hurt to have one, or two right?  Here are a few clubs across the world that we can see ourselves partying the night away in, not only to the amazing tunes were sure they play every night but the amazing decor as well . Will you join us? We always say the more the merrier!

Allure Nightclub -Abu Dhabi  One of the many attractions created under the Cipriani Group the Allure Nightclub, takes on the task of standing out amongst beautiful golf courses, luxury five-star hotels, and the beautiful landscape that makes up Abu Dhabi, which it achieves quite well.




Created by firm, Orbit Design Studio  The club achieves praise not only for its decor but for its prime location which overlooks the water (filled with Super Yachts, might we add!) and the five-star Yas Hotel.

Images Courtesy of The Cool Hunter 

Club Mussee – Madrid Club Musee was designed to be a combination art gallery and night club, designed by firm Parolio + Euphoria . The space which is drenched in bright colors, black glass, mirrors and LED screens that are used to exhibit the works of several artist that range from paintings to digital video art.

Photos Courtesy of Club Musee 

Sound Phuket Nightclub – Thailand Located in Thailand in the Jungceylon Shopping & Entertainment Complex  Sound Phuket (which gets its name from the club’s city location) was designed by nightlife specialist, Orbit Design Studio to mimic the human body, so the club features elements that are rounded curved and tubular.


 Images Courtesy of The Cool Hunter

The Spare Room – Hollywood Located in the Mezzanine level of The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel The Spare Room is LA’s modern day speakeasy, complete with a two-lane bowling alley, a gaming parlour and dark leather and wood compliments the setting and vibe that takes guest back to the 1920’s. We here a Room Service had the pleasure of collaborating with design firm Studio Collective to furnish the Spare Room!


 Photos Courtesy of ThompsonHotels

Roxy Club – Brazil Designed by Brazilian architect Fred Mafra, Roxy Club has been going strong since 2007. The space features two dance floors, three bars, four VIP areas as well as two lounges and a smoking area with a retractable roof. Inspired by geometric shapes the club features bright pops of yellow, pinks, purples and grays.



 Images Courtesy of Yossawa

We hope we’ve inspired you to pack your bags to explore some new locations. We’re already ready to go!

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