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Trend Alert: Rose Gold

Posted on: January 21st, 2015 by Taryn

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When it comes to metallics , these days everything is coming up roses…Rose gold that is. Rose gold is created by mixing yellow gold and copper to create a soft, pink hued metallic that is so fresh and feminine.

Today, this hot rose gold trend can be found everywhere. From jewelry design, to hair color, fashion and home decor.

ModShop now has a few rose gold items in our collections, dining chairs , desks and more…Here’s what we found inspiring and how you could infuse a little rose gold style into your life.

Rose Gold

Mountain Modern

Posted on: January 5th, 2015 by Taryn

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This post is not so much inspired by, but more of a plea to the owners of all the cabins frequented by families like ours during the winter month…After returning from a quick snowy get-away to Mammoth Mountain, I did some research on condos and rental units available for rent…hoping to find one cool property to include in this post. Sadly, there’s not a whole lot to show. In general the decor of these rentals is depressing at best!

It seems everyone shops at the same generic log cabin furniture store…and the offerings are not worth of the beautiful surroundings of the snowy outdoors.

I think we should put together affordable packages, and drop them in every mailbox to show owners that for a limited budget, they could drastically update their decor and in turn increase rental revenue…

I searched the web and found some stunning Mountain retreats to show as examples of how this should be done, furnished with the perfect mix of neutral color palette, warm wood tones and organic materials.  I’m especially in love with the chunky knit trend we see emerging in home decor… SO perfect for cozy cabin decor! And something you could actually ask your great aunt to knit for your next Christmas gift, maybe this time you’ll actually like it!

Here’s what we found inspiring, and how you could incorporate some of ModShop’s more organic looking pieces into your mountain home to create a warm and inviting retreat…

Mountain Modern

Magical Marble

Posted on: December 22nd, 2014 by Taryn


Oh my goodness ! We are O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D!
This marble trend is too fabulous to be true! So fabulous, it inspired me to FINALLY write another blog post. I, know, it’s been WAY too long. ModShop has had me up to my ears in orders. I know that’s a good thing , but it’s left me a tad uninspired … until now. 
There are so may creative ways to use marble , not only the actual stone material, but the pattern/print to replicate the look of marble…. we found so many creative uses , shown in the inspiration pics in this post. 
Traditionally used in bathrooms and kitchens …. this luxe look can now be found everywhere ! From the runway , to the streets …. fashion designers & interior designers alike are all over this hot trend. Unique home accessories, laptop & phone cases, textiles and furniture ….. this marble trend is one I hope is here to stay! 
It’s so hot, we think it’s stone cold.
ModShop offers a selection of marble topped dining tables, sidetables and accent pieces. Stay tuned for our marble inspired pillow collection launching early 2015.


Seeing Stripes

Posted on: August 1st, 2014 by Taryn

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As far as we’re concerned, there’s one classic print that will never go out of style. Bold, graphic, black and white stripes are hot, hot, hot! Thick or thin, horizontal or vertical, no matter how you serve it up, this is a winning combination.

Whether you choose to keep it simple and monochromatic, or add a pop of color as an accent, the power of the black and white stripe is undeniable. This classic pattern has a always had a sporty feel, but used in the right way, black and white stripes can create chic interiors and fashion forward looks with a mod edge.

Here’s what we found inspiring, and how you could incorporate some of ModShop’s black and white goodies into your space…

Seeing Stripes


Lovely Lace

Posted on: May 19th, 2014 by Taryn

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Lady-like lace…the most feminine of all fabrics, conveying the epitome of romance. This fresh, girly trend brings a level of sophistication and timeless beauty to your wardrobe and your home.

Whether you choose to use it as a subtle accent in your home decor, or dress in lace from head to toe, you’ll find this sultry fabric adds elegance no matter how you use it.

Think more “mod” than boudoir and you’re guaranteed to create a space that feels fresh, feminine and airy… Lace details can be found everywhere this summer; it’s the season’s “must have” fashion accessory. Look for a lace inspired collection in ModShop stores this summer…

Here’s what we found inspiring and how we think you should add the allure of romantic lace to your life this season…

Lovely Lace_5.19




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