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Magical Marble


Oh my goodness ! We are O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D!
This marble trend is too fabulous to be true! So fabulous, it inspired me to FINALLY write another blog post. I, know, it’s been WAY too long. ModShop has had me up to my ears in orders. I know that’s a good thing , but it’s left me a tad uninspired … until now. 
There are so may creative ways to use marble , not only the actual stone material, but the pattern/print to replicate the look of marble…. we found so many creative uses , shown in the inspiration pics in this post. 
Traditionally used in bathrooms and kitchens …. this luxe look can now be found everywhere ! From the runway , to the streets …. fashion designers & interior designers alike are all over this hot trend. Unique home accessories, laptop & phone cases, textiles and furniture ….. this marble trend is one I hope is here to stay! 
It’s so hot, we think it’s stone cold.
ModShop offers a selection of marble topped dining tables, sidetables and accent pieces. Stay tuned for our marble inspired pillow collection launching early 2015.


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