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Pantone Color of the Year 2015: Marsala

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This year, according toe the color experts at Pantone , the color of the year is…drumroll!!!! Marsala?

Do they really think of design world when coming up with these things? If it were strictly food related I think it would be fantastic, personally my favorite foods contain the name Marsala…I love Italian and Indian food (I know that’s actually masala in Indian seasonings. LOL)! I also LOVE wine…a few of my favorite things.

But when it comes to color inspiration for decor, especially when trying to beat the winter blues at the beginning of a new year…this tone reads very “Fall” and it’s hard to come up with some new, on trend items that fit in this years “IT” color…

It took me a while to find inspiration images using this color palette that were more modern and in fitting with ModShop’s design aesthetic…I did find some good stuff. And was pleasantly surprised by how creative people can be when forced to go with something as important as 2015’s color of the year!

I hope you like what I’ve found and that you leave feeling a tad inspired to do more with Marsala than eat, drink and be merry!



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