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New Products

Posted on: November 4th, 2013 by Taryn

New Products

Modern Halloween Decor

Posted on: October 18th, 2013 by Taryn


Halloween is just around the corner and we can’t help but get excited. It’s that one time of year we get to fill our houses with eerie décor and play pretend for a whole evening. But as fun as this holiday may be, it has developed quite the reputation for its dark and moody home décor – not to mention all the realistically terrifying costumes.

Halloween can still be just as playful as any holiday…all it needs is a modern spin. Add a pop of white to your typical Halloween color combination of black and orange. Instead of carving a pumpkin, try painting a cool chevron design on it. Give your costume a sleek update by adding a classy, fashionable spin. After all, there’s no rule saying Halloween can’t be hauntingly chic. You don’t have to sacrifice your modern style to get into the Halloween Spirit.

Here are some spooky, but bright inspirations, as well as some pieces from ModShop you can use to embrace the ghostly festivities.

6a00e54f44663d8834010534b940f1970b-800wi halloween-modern-tablescape-craft-photo-420x420-alocurto-1 1f479104864214f64669eafabe24ae34 1378419_679018868777616_1724992904_n Halloween-Candy Modern-Halloween-Table-Setting1 halloween-table-decorations halloween-wall-decals1 black halloween pumpkins DSC_3363-1 DSC_3365-1 DSC_0248 DSC_6640   DSC_6194_ADJDSC_6868- the_bel_air_wingchair_black_543 boca side table dark grey rift DSC_8386- rocker boca side table

Jewel Tones

Posted on: October 8th, 2013 by Taryn


Amethyst, Topaz , Sapphire , Ruby , Emerald , and golds…jewel tones are a timeless classic that we see year after year.  This year somehow the colors seem richer and more vibrant, and inspire us to create interiors that are both luxe and chic.  This color palette is not for minimalists, it requires layering and an eclectic taste to create the perfect jewel toned space.

There is SO much out there that inspires us …. it’s really hard to filter the number of images needed to fully show how fantastic these rich hues can be. They can be used in so many creative ways. So take your time and view them all and enjoy the full spectrum of this amazing color palette.

Here’s what we found inspiring , and how you could incorporate ModShop by RoomService pieces into your jewel toned dream space…

fall-2011-trends-jewel-tones grooms-wearing-bow-ties-solas-photography.original gucci-color-block-runway-fashion-blog-spring  Zack-Zhang-for-Harpers-Bazaar_gold_fuschia_navyCollage-3 Screen-Shot-2012-03-21-at-12.39.34-AM-700x829 Screen-Shot-2012-03-20-at-6.19.59-PM-700x569  fashion_forward_the_new_guidelines_for_mens_fashion decorating-with-jewel-tone-colors-L-Pz1Evr Collage-1 Collage-2 A-jewel-toned-living-room Color-block 3 121113_OrganicModernism-1 DSC_6588 DSC_7302 DSC_8381- DSC_8928_ DSC_6518- DSC_7202_ DSC_2916 DSC_1700 DSC_1380-1 DSC_6510- DSC_6274- 6.1.12 Credenza_5 DSC_6482- 5.29.12 Chair_32


Lovely Leopard

Posted on: October 7th, 2013 by Taryn


We’ve seen animal prints appearing year after year when fall approaches… Now it seems to be given a fresh new face by pairing with fun pastel pinks and bright sunny yellow hues.  Maybe it’s because I’m South African at heart (or at the very least by birth…), but of all the animal prints out there, for me the leopard is by far the most sophisticated looking… and inspires many…from street style, to high end fashion and trendsetting home decor.

This fun animalistic trend was “spotted” on the runways at fashion week, featured by designers like DKNY, Emilio Pucci, Kate Spade, Tom Ford and Burburry Prorsum.

Here’s what we found inspiring……I’m very sad to say that ModShop by RoomService needs a good dose of this trendy style ourselves… working on some fun fall floor models that fit this fashion forward trend as we speak…..Roar!!

street style scissor sisters mustard yellow leopard Product_BYB10150_Image_1 LeopardHeelsandYellowPants Leopard-1 leopard-chair pairingleopard3 il_fullxfull.353385342_1j61 f76ccdadcf10976edb0d427f8840a3ec c4f7cb0098edeef3a9c079c2aac7521c c0b4133bad37032384963adc69893673 arlenis-leopard Air-Jordan-1-Olympic-Pack-Leopard-Pink-Yellow_2 76443431_Aq1OisWm_c 7050548-nice-portrait-of-a-leopard-stuffed-with-red-background 394707_398506683530698_219288431_n 052908dgchairs-1 5077c3098a0bda6241d387c9140c5244 62ac276063ac934e71eedaf4ccfc1aac 45adcce5b90a398ed2d172d8d171606d 8e3641efcb4d3a46ce9a543e33744fc0 08-alexa-hampton 2-Animal-Magnetism-e1322618538629 _leopard2

Color Crush: Pastel Pink

Posted on: July 23rd, 2013 by Taryn


Nothing feels more like summer more than the county fair and cotton candy…we are relieved to see color palettes toning down from last year’s neon madness, to softer pastel and sorbet shades. Today we are loving the fairest of them all: Pastel Pink…

Today’s lighter shades of pink are not just for baby girl’s nurseries, they can be found adorning modern tablescapes, adding a feminine edge to masculine styled shoes, adding a fresh touch to accessories and home decor. Add a wash of baby pink to blond hair, for those who dare! Best paired with other pastel shades, metallic gold, or neutrals like black and white of softer grays.

Here’s what we found inspiring…and how you could add some of this look to your space using ModShop by Room Service pieces. Enjoy!

Collage 2 Rose11CupcakeHi 575350_600547599956634_47882939_n Chevron-Napkins-Navy Collage 3 neon-shoes pink fashion baby tumblr_m4may01XiW1rwxefqo1_500 images pastel-fashion-trend pastel tufted banquette, divine DSC_0303_ADJ DSC_0354 DSC_5440-ART DSC_3662 sm Collage 4 Collage 1

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