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Trendy nightclub Fortuni, Gran Canaria

Posted on: November 26th, 2012 by ModShop

Nayra Iglesias principal of Spanish architectural practice In Out Studio was commissioned to redesign the Fortuni Club. Completed in 2012, the cosy nightclub can be found near the port of Las Palmas, on the island of Gran Canaria.

According to the designers: “It was an ambitious commercial project. The brief was clear, make the 600m2  space into a music cult club with two distinct environments one with the lighting design and the other where the DJ plays.

“The ground floor or main hall of the luxury nightclub is a three-storey height space dominated by an elegant suspended music cabin. Long aluminum curtains adorned with corporate image give it a classic look, and a column in this theatrical space gives prominence.

“Occupying a privileged space of this floor we have the reserved area, where we paid a lot of attention to detail. Soft white leather sofas run organically from side to side in this corner dotted with sophisticated stainless steel bins designed specifically for this space.

“In the basement, the design of the nightclub is very different, the classic atmosphere upstairs has a futuristic feel where music, lighting and design come together to create more youthful ambiance.

“In addition, the Golden Lounge, a small funky space between the room and basement floor has been padded with small LED lights that give this corner a cool and calming  feeling to it.

“The luxury nightclub in Gran Canaria has been fitted with contemporary toilets and service areas, these can be found on the top floor.”

Luxury hotel in Marrakech the Taj Palace

Posted on: November 26th, 2012 by ModShop

Marrakech may conjure up images of fire-eaters, snake charmers, labyrinth alleyways and spicy souks but a holiday in Marrakech will take you to a modern city that is a far cry from its former incarnation as a desert stopover for caravan travellers.

Luxury hotel group Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces and JK Hotels are due to open the Taj Palace Marrakech. The hotel will open in December 2012 and will increase Taj’s international portfolio to 17 hotels.

With 161 guestrooms, including 25 suites and one Royal Suite, the majestic palace hotel will offer unsurpassed luxury and panoramic views of the Atlas Mountains and palm gardens of the lush Palmeraie district.

American artist, designer and renowned ‘Orientalist’ Stuart Church has overseen the interiors and architecture with exquisite attention to detail.  The rooms take on a diverse style drawing inspiration from the noble Berber Kasbahs of Morocco, the splendor of Ottoman architecture, the richness of Indian pageantry and exotic Thai traditions.

The luxury hotel in Marrakech features several elegantly designed restaurants and bars serving a range of cuisine from Moroccan specialties to the finest flavours from The Mediterranean and Asia. The luxury Marrakech hotel will also house an extensive Jiva Grande Spa, offering a range of treatments, including Ayurveda. It includes 14 treatment rooms, two large hammams and a state-of-the-art fitness centre with ‘Technogym’ equipment.

The luxury hotel is only a 30 minute drive from Marrakech Menara International Airport.


new products

Posted on: November 19th, 2012 by Taryn


Sherbert Peace Chairs

Our Peace Chairs are absolutely delectable in a myriad of sherbert colors. At Room Service, we love have fun with our designs, and the Peace Chairs present us with the perfect item to play with. Mix and match colors for a surprisingly refreshing dining room. In a rainbow color palette, these chairs are sure to brighten up the cloudiest of days.



Tangier Credenza in a Turquoise High Gloss

Say hello to the newest addition in our Modern Moroccan collection. The Tangier Credenza is simply stunning. In a grand color, suggestive of the majestic peacock’s plumes, this item makes a significant statement. Raised trellis motifs across the entire face of the credenza, as well as the delicate, brass dipped Marrakesh hardware and legs add a sense of airy elegance.



Down With Love Sofa in Oatmeal

This Down With Love Sofa is a bit of a departure from the standard – and quite a nice one at that. We modified the design by eliminating the signature tufting, and instead went with a three seat cushion. The detail that undoubtedly makes this piece so perfect is the coral contrasting welting throughout the entire sofa. This Down With Love Sofa is sophisticated and straightforward, while still maintaining its easygoing feel.



Tangier Wing Chair in a Zig Zag Fabric

The Tangier Wing Chair in the Zig Zag Fabric is sure to be the standout piece in any room. Though the bold graphic pattern is eye catching on its own, upon closer inspection you’ll be pleased to discover that the fabric is black flocking on white faux leather. We love the visual impact of a black and white graphic paired with yellow, and chose to showcase one of our favorite color palettes with the contrasting welting across the seams of the chair for even more of a pop.



Concord Dining Table

Our Concord Dining Table is certainly like no other. The tabletop, which is a light burl wood, is contrasted by bright yellow turned legs. We love unexpected pairings, and the organic nature of the wood contrasted by the bright color and modern legs really makes this table pop. The whole underside of the tabletop is a high gloss yellow to match the colorful legs and provides an unexpected detail to the overall design.



Marrakesh Bed in Faux White Leather

The Marrakesh Bed in Faux White Leather makes for the perfect backdrop to any decor. We decided to give it a bold graphic quality by pairing it with our Zig Zag Bedding in Yellow, Gray, and Black. An intricately curved silhouette, nail head details, and tufting make for beautiful details on the Marrakesh Bed.



Chesterfield Sofa in Faux Black Leather

Our Chesterfield Sofa features tight tailoring around the frame, rolled arms, and a loose, three cushion seat. In a faux black leather, the Chesterfield’s masculine nature really shines. Turned feet and nail head details really drive home the Gentleman’s Club feel. You’ll feel like sipping whiskey and smoking cigars on this handsome sofa.



Art Deco Dining Table

Our Art Deco Dining Table has an amazing architectural quality to it. Its streamlined nature is considerably elevated by its white high gloss lacquer and smoke mirrored sides. Sleek, clean lines, and repeating geometric patterns at the base are inherently Art Deco, an early modern style. Purity of geometric forms with beautiful materials is what the Art Deco Dining Table is all about.



Brooklyn Side Tables

These Brooklyn Side Tables in a deep, dark marblewood are already a little bit rock and roll, but the addition of pistol handles takes these occasional tables to a whole new level. And whoever said metals had to match? Some rules were meant to be broken, and with chrome x-legs and brass dipped handles these offbeat end tables are the perfect item to do it.



The Neutra in Black Leather

Mid Century Modern reigns supreme in the form of our Neutra Sofa. A walnut frame encases tidy leather upholstery with a tight back and tight seat. Tufting adds the ideal amount of detail, while still holding onto a streamlined and simple design.





black tie

Posted on: November 16th, 2012 by Taryn


“I’ve been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black.” – Pierre-Auguste Renoir


industrial modern

Posted on: November 13th, 2012 by Taryn



The Industrial Revolution marked a complete paradigm shift for the world. The emergence of factories sparked major innovations in technology and production, thus creating opportunities for advancements in areas such as metallurgy and glass making. Today’s version of the industrial aesthetic actually refers to the kinds of exposed, time worn materials making up the sturdy factories and warehouses of the industrial era. Cement, metal, glass, brick, and wood are all key elements which can be found in modern industrial styled interiors.




Cooler hues are inherently industrial. Shades of grey reminiscent of aluminum, steel, iron, and concrete should be used liberally. Black and white are also frequently found in industrial interiors. Warmer tones can and should be included through the addition of wood and brick, balancing out the palette so as not to come off as too frigid.




Furniture which incorporates wood and metal is remarkably complimentary to industrial style. Mid Century Modern pieces are perfect for this, and adding such items really makes the industrial aesthetic come alive.




Leathers and hides also add a layer of warmth into a space which could easily become otherwise gritty and stark. No-nonsense, straightforward designs, like our U-Leg Chairs are key to translating the industrial architectural style to furniture.




Edgy artwork is perfect for a modern industrial interior. Masculine motifs and imagery, like our Steve McQueen custom artwork, really add a powerful quality to an industrial space.  Salvaged materials should also be mixed in accordingly – pulleys, old train rolls, even vintage bicycles make for an interesting vignette – giving an authentic turn of the century feeling.







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