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industrial modern



The Industrial Revolution marked a complete paradigm shift for the world. The emergence of factories sparked major innovations in technology and production, thus creating opportunities for advancements in areas such as metallurgy and glass making. Today’s version of the industrial aesthetic actually refers to the kinds of exposed, time worn materials making up the sturdy factories and warehouses of the industrial era. Cement, metal, glass, brick, and wood are all key elements which can be found in modern industrial styled interiors.




Cooler hues are inherently industrial. Shades of grey reminiscent of aluminum, steel, iron, and concrete should be used liberally. Black and white are also frequently found in industrial interiors. Warmer tones can and should be included through the addition of wood and brick, balancing out the palette so as not to come off as too frigid.




Furniture which incorporates wood and metal is remarkably complimentary to industrial style. Mid Century Modern pieces are perfect for this, and adding such items really makes the industrial aesthetic come alive.




Leathers and hides also add a layer of warmth into a space which could easily become otherwise gritty and stark. No-nonsense, straightforward designs, like our U-Leg Chairs are key to translating the industrial architectural style to furniture.




Edgy artwork is perfect for a modern industrial interior. Masculine motifs and imagery, like our Steve McQueen custom artwork, really add a powerful quality to an industrial space.  Salvaged materials should also be mixed in accordingly – pulleys, old train rolls, even vintage bicycles make for an interesting vignette – giving an authentic turn of the century feeling.







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