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Weekly Inspiration

You never know where you can draw inspiration from at times. Take a look at what is helping us create some great new furniture pieces for our customers and stores this week! What inspires you? We’d love to know.

The surreal artwork created by Russ Mills has us in awe! His vivid use of colors, and imagery be it the colors of the rainbow, or black and white has us going to the drawing board and sketching our next great piece that would complement any walls filled with his art!

Stylishly incorporating your collection of favorite books is no easy task when you want to stay modern and sleek. Here are a couple that we’ve found that we think would make some great additions, to any home when incorporated with some Room Service furniture!





The Rek Bookcase manages to expand as your collection of books increases, just in case your not a fan of having a large bookcase, with lots of empty spaces!

For those who are more into the industrial design style, which is perfect for lofts and downtown spaces check out Stella Bleu Designs . The company incorporates industrials pipes to create bookcases, and other furnishings that will be sure to add a wow factor to any modern open space.

Where would most of us be without music? When some of our favorite songs play, we can often recount the memories that were created, from when it came on the radio or when we popped it into or CD players. As technology advances, the ways we incorporate music into our home gets more and more stylish by the day!

The Neo Gramophone, is an ultra modern update to a classic piece that was a musical staple during the early 20th century. Although the outward appearance still resembles the classic style, this modern-day take allows you to play your musical selection through streaming from your itunes or via Bluetooth.


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