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the origins of hollywood regency


Glamour. Opulence. Luxury. All characteristics of the iconic Hollywood Regency style. The 1930s marked the emergence of Hollywood’s Golden Age in all of its glitz and glamour. Movie starlets were frequently spotted on the silver screen surrounded in sets adorned with tufted furniture, rich fabrics, and mirrors galore. Think Rita Hayworth in her notorious boudoir hair flipping scene from the film Gilda.



Although traditional Hollywood Regency designs can be found in all creme or white color palettes, the style was more commonly seen in black and white. Sometimes splashes of color in jewel tones could be found.




Layering mirrors is a fundamental of Hollywood Regency design. The more reflections, the better. Heavily ornamented ones in a Rococo style add to the eclectic nature which Hollywood Regency rooms are so well noted for. High gloss finishes as well as metallic details in chrome and gold are also key to bringing some shimmer into the mix.




Velvet, satin, and faux animal fabrics add rich textures and vivid colors, completing the sumptuous look. Refined details such as tufting, tactile fabrics, and nail head embellishments bring a sense of high drama to a classic Hollywood Regency interior.






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