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Sustainability: Shipping Containers

With the recession still a major factor in the buying decisions of many of those a little less fortunate to be rich, implementing shipping containers into their homes or businesses has been a growing trend over the last several years. The relatively cheap containers, can easily be modified, stacked and/or combined to transform homes or businesses into modern works of art, that will be sure to withstand  some of the harshest conditions.


Noted as being one of the first firms to design and complete a home made from shipping containers the De Maria Design firm, completed the Redondo Beach House in 2006. Built from eight prefabricated containers, alongside traditional building material, the home maintains clean lines and a modern aesthetic that blends well with its Redondo Beach surroundings.


 Images Courtesy of De Maria Design 

Adam Kalkin, the artist/architect behind the creation of the Quik House, which is the creation of prefabricated homes made from shipping containers was tapped by the coffee roasting brand, Illy to build their Push Button House , that is housed in a shipping container that in 90 seconds expands to a five room unit, that houses a kitchen, dining area, bedroom, living room and library. In order to accomplish the push button feature, hydraulic cylinders are utilized by a computer system that is installed within the kitchen island.


Images Courtesy of Not Cot 

San Francisco recently converted Hayes Valley, a small plot of land that used to be a piece of the 101 Freeway, into an area populated with several pop-up businesses including; retailers, food shops, art space and a beer garden. The pop-up businesses which are on a location slated for a housing project that has stalled, are all spaces constructed from shipping containers. The project which is aptly called, “Proxy”  was conceptualized by architectural firm, Envelope A + D , to fulfill request from the Mayor’s office to restore empty lots throughout the city.


Shipping containers lend themselves to the imaginations of those who are willing to step out on the conventional practices of building. Perfect for those who want to go into business, but may be looking for a space that is temporary until things get off the ground. They  are the perfect tool that encompasses style, minimum upkeep, and low cost, and of course if you’re ever in the need for furniture for your new shipping container design then look no further than Room Service!


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