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Spring 2012 Modern Throw Pillow Collection

Throw pillows create that last great touch to any perfectly made bed, or that bright pop of contrast to that amazing sofa that you love. We here at Room Service take pride in our custom line of modern throw pillows that we hope will add that splash that your looking to finish your  beautifully decorated home. Our Spring 2012 collection features several different options for those who may be unsure on how they wish to decorate. Starting with our Gray, Black and White Collection which features designs like “Pistols A Deux” for those who like to live on the dangerous side. If love is more of what you’re looking for, then cozy up to the ‘Hug Me” pillow after a long days work, which will be a sure fire cheer-up! More into neutral tones and love the natural colors of nature? Then look no further than our Natural and Neutral Collection which features amazing designs on natural oatmeal and dark brown linen backdrops. More of a Curious George type of guy? Then were sure our “Monkey” pillow will add that kick of laughter to any bedroom setting. We couldn’t imagine leaving our artist out either! bring a little bit of “Peace, Love, Music, Art” into your living room with this great throw pillow. Bring a little splash of the calming sea into your home with our Nautical Collection, which features an array of crafty designs in deep blues, reds, whites and natural oatmeal linen. Explore the ocean with the “Summer Sailing” pillow that will be sure to give any seamen a taste of the water. Nothing screams sexy more than our “Pirate Girl” pillow which is emblazoned with a female figure complete with an anchor tattoo. If blue tones are more to your liking then our Blue Collection will fill that need! Cozy up to your sweetheart and your favorite movie, with the “Love Dove” pillow. If your passport isn’t lacking any stamps then you’ll love our ode to India with our “Moroccan Lanterns” throw pillow. We’ve also got something for the ladies who’ve always fancied themselves after the dangerous femme fatales with our “Lolita” pillow, that is also featured in our “Gray, Black and White Collection, Orange and Chocolate Retro Collection and Yellow Retro Mod Collection”  For all the lovers of everything girly, we have our Pink Collection that is sure to please with amazing designs including the “Chevron Ikat” bursting full of bright pink, burgundy and maroon. We pay tribute to those who love the 60’s, and the hippy movement with the “Mod Flowers” throw pillow. Feel free to gift the “Antique Key” pillow to the one who unlocks the key to your heart as well! Our Yellow Global Collection will be sure to add that extra zing to your home, with bold prints in yellow, gray, black and oatmeal linen. With the trend of skulls increasing rapidly, bring a little bit of Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) into your space with our “Sugar Skulls” pillow, that will be sure to have guest raving! If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, then look no further than our “Casablanca” throw pillow, which features an overall gray design with bright yellow piping. We’re sure our “Owl Family” pillow will be a hoot for any guest who will visit your home too, which is featured in our Yellow Retro Mod Collection!           The Orange and Chocolate Collection works well when paired with natural tones. Take a trip to Greece with our “Santorini” pillow that will add great contrast when paired with your sofa. The combination of brown, orange, and oatmeal linen in the “Peacock Ikat” pillow will be a great addition to any fabulous space. Same color scheme but with a retro twist, the Orange and Chocolate Retro Collection will add a vintage flair to that will still give that modern look. You could never go wrong with the “Mod Lattice” design, which features a criss-cross pattern that no one will be able to resist. If tropical settings are more your speed, then take a gander at our “Palm Beach” throw pillow, that will be sure to remind you of the grandeur and opulence of the Florida locale. Our Summer Global Collection will leave you reminiscent of the hottest season of the year, taking you away from any cold climate and transporting you to some of the hottest vacation destinations. Take a trip to the Islands with our “Cayman Islands” pillow that comes adorned with an array of Seahorses or lobsters. Take in bits and pieces of the ocean with our “Ocean Stripe” throw pillow that is splashed with hues of blue, white, greens, and gray. We’re getting hot just thinking about them! For those looking to be a little bit more bold and daring, then look no further than our Foil Collection, which is sure to glisten as bright as your personality! Embrace our “8 Track” pillow, that will be sure to remind you of the 70’s music staple. BE sure to grab a few of The “Chandelier” throw pillow to add that special touch of panache to any comfortable setting. Nothing says positive thoughts and affirmations more than our Retro Collection, full of bright pops of every color of the rainbow. Take a quick nap on our “Dream pillow,” or wake up to the “Smile pillow,” which is adorned with a sun, that will be sure to brighten your day! No matter which pillows you chose from our Retro Collection were sure all will leave you happy and counting down the minutes until you return to the comforts of your home! Looking to add a piece of Room Service to your store? Great news! We provide wholesale rates for our entire modern throw pillow collection. Please contact our wholesale representative John Lewis at today!

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