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Contemporary, Compact & Cute, House in Senri

Posted on: August 13th, 2012 by ModShop

Osaka based design studio Shogo Iwata designed this contemporary property in 2010. The house is located in Suita, Osaka, Japan.

According to the architects: “Divided between eight levels, the house measures 901 square feet.

“The contemporary Osaka house was built for a couple with one child. This small house has eight levels between entrance in the basement to the roof terrace in order to constitute every space not in concentrated way by big void but reciprocal relation of each space. This arrangement makes the notion of the floor ambiguous and the continuity of space compatible with the hierarchy of space.

“In order to realise this spatial constitution with a small gap we adopted a steel structure. We used a visible steel frame in a 40mmx125mm flat bar that allow us to make each space flow without gravity.”


The Contemporary citizenM Hotel, London

Posted on: August 13th, 2012 by ModShop

Amsterdam-based design studio Concrete Architectural Associates have designed citizenM Hotel’s first London property. The 192-room luxury hotel can be found in Bankside close to the Tate Modern Museum.

According to the architects: “Arriving in London, guests will be surprised when they see how much more refined the brand’s look and feel has become. Alongside architectural firm concrete, citizenM has infused the hotel’s aesthetics with new sophistication, and what used to be a playground for design enthusiasts has evolved into a stage for endless inspiration. The ground floor, with its open-plan lobby, is “styled to look like the living rooms of a very well-travelled person,” according to CMO Robin Chadha. Every detail is thought through in delineated spaces that now mix elegance with the old exuberance, all in cooperation with furniture design giant Vitra.

Also new is the group’s sharp focus on contemporary art (the hotel is, after all, just south of the Tate Modern), with a text piece rightfully claiming “Another World Is Possible” by Turner prize-nominated artist Mark Titchner mounted on the exterior facade, as well as interior works by Gavin Turk, Mario Testino, a video by Belgian artist Hans ob de Beeck and a jaw-dropping floor to ceiling mural by the hyper trendy artist collective Assume Vivid Astro Focus (AVAF). The Titchner and AVAF works are absolutely original, having been commissioned by citizenM specifically for this luxury London hotel and its guests. There’s even “art” to take away: citizenM has launched a new service in partnership with acclaimed Amsterdam bookstore MENDO, friends of citizenM since the very beginning: Guests literally walk into a big black book (the shape of the display) and buy their favourite photography, architecture, fashion, and travel books to take with them or have sent to their home addresses.

“Another highlight on the ground floor is the self-serve canteenM, which beckons to the hungry and thirsty. It was designed to feel like a home kitchen arranged around a red wooden coffee bar, along with an adjacent bakery-style open kitchen with fare that shifts from delicious baked goods in the morning to light lunch and simple dinners and cocktails later in the day. Guests can grab a variety of food and drinks, then work at one of the four Macs near the kitchen or hang out at a marble-topped table in the cafe. All of this is situated around a dramatic new interior space. The contemporary London hotel is built around an atrium whose tranquil atmosphere offers an urban oasis for guests and visitors; birch trees add a flash of green, hanging lanterns offer soft and magical light, and AVAF’s 35-meter mural, with its eye-popping shapes, frames the space. A wooden deck extends into this peaceful outdoor space from the first floor.”

Clean, Crisp & Contemporary Casa Vale Do Lobo, Portugal

Posted on: August 13th, 2012 by ModShop

Portuguese design studio Arqui+ has recently completed the Casa Vale Do Lobo project. This high-endproperty is located in Vale do Lobo, a golf resort in the Algarve, Portugal.

According to the architects: “The villa is situated in Vale do Lobo, a luxury golf and beach resort in southern Portugal.

“The plot is an end plot surrounded by golf, greenery and a small lake. Due to the location we have purposely opted not to create a clear boundary between plot and surroundings, rather using the actual building to create the distinction between public and private spaces.

The luxury Portuguese villa has been developed in a U shape around a central courtyard space helping to create a sense of scale and containment within the open surroundings. Within this courtyard we have created a suspended pool which becomes the main visual focal point of the villa. Being the main visual focus, we have opted for the creation of the pool as a sculptural element, while still serving the function as the main pool.

“The suspended aspect of the pool permits the flow of the courtyard beyond the pool, thereby not containing the space. This upper main pool cascades down into a lower reflecting pool that can also be used as a children’s splash pool. The sound of the running water creates a very calm and relaxing environment. This lower reflecting pool in turn “visually” cascades down into the indoor pool situated within the home spa area. The continuation of the use of the black mosaic through into the home spa helps to strengthen this concept.

“The outer perimeter of the main building volume has been demarcated with continuous repetitive vertical walls, almost like a fortress, establishing a clear barrier between public and private. The spaces facing into the courtyard on the other hand offer maximum transparency, minimising the barrier between indoor and outdoor spaces. In order to strengthen the indoor and outdoor interconnection we have continued the same floor level through to the exterior with sliding doors that slide back fully with no distinct threshold between indoor and outdoor, extending the living spaces to the outdoor.

The main living spaces of the luxury Portuguese property have been developed in an L shape plaster and painted white volume, with one wing dedicated to the 5 bedrooms and the other wing dedicated to the main living spaces. The single storey living space sits at an intermediate level between the 2 storey bedroom wing meaning easy access to the main living space from all bedrooms.

This main living volume projects out to the south in the form of a suspended glass cube in which we have placed a sitting area (snug) with fireplace opening onto the views of both the lake and the golf course. The roof of this volume serves as a roof terrace with mini-pool, outdoor living space and BBQ area for evening entertainment. The semi buried basement space houses the main indoor entertainment areas of the villa, such as games room, home cinema and home spa, as well as the double garage and service areas. The home spa faced in the black mosaics at the end of the volume create the sense of an infinite space.

The contemporary Portuguese villa is a continuous play of solids versus transparency, which ultimately create a very interesting play of light versus shadow. In terms of materials we have tried to accentuate this play of solid versus void, by accentuating planes with the use of wood paneling both internally and externally, in which the doors etc have been hidden in order not to break up the sense of volume or plane. For the flooring we have worked with a grey sandstone which is a very homogeneous stone which helps create the feeling of a block of stone that has been carved, minimizing the legibility of the joints etc.”

The Uber Trendy Hoxton Hotel, London

Posted on: August 13th, 2012 by ModShop

When The Hoxton opened its doors in 2006, it represented a welcome wake-up-call for London’s hotel guests – and a revolution for London’s hoteliers. From that moment there was no longer any need to sacrifice style for budget: The Hoxton combines destination sleeping, drinking and dining with rates that start from £1 a night.

Built from new on the site of an old car park, set on the fringes of the City and a stone’s throw from Liverpool Street railway station, the luxury East London hotel was planned meticulously right from the start.  From the rubble rose a hotel phenomena.

With its luxe-industrial look and laid-back ambience allows the luxury London hotel to sit easily in the up-and-coming district from which it takes its name. Its sharp interiors, classily casual restaurant and bar, and quirky details, conjure up an enticing and distinct style.

Over the six upper floors, each of the 205 guest rooms is cleverly designed to maximise comfort, space and style. Puffy duck-down duvets and 300 thread count linen deck the beds with their money-no-object mattresses. Sandy walls are mercifully bare of prints and posters, instead etched with a relief study of the City of London’s skyline.

At the luxury London hotel, which is perfectly positioned for those heading to the games in East London, they are loathe to take advantage of visitors to city and are instead welcoming them to The Hoxton on their usual rates….and a very special £1 sale!

At midday on June, 26, five rooms for every night of the Olympics (from July 1 to September 30) will go on sale for just £1.

For reservations or bookings visit

Contemporary Modular Units

Posted on: August 13th, 2012 by ModShop

Kranj-based design studio Coodo has launched a series of contemporary modular prefabricated units that can be bought separately or combined together to make various personalised and practical items.According to Coodo: “At present we are noticing growing changes in people’s lifestyles that call for new forms of dwelling. The space is becoming more and more valuable and residential architecture is rapidly changing, from building classic family houses to making smaller prefabricated residence buildings that are thoughtfully designed, made of excellent contemporary materials and have much greater connection to nature surrounding it. In such spaces the quality of life improves immensely.”

All of their units were designed with a special consideration with the possibility of placing them in different surroundings such as natural scenes to different landscapes, architectural  environments, different climates and allowing buyers to customise them according to their own needs. The group of contemporary modular units consists of multifunctional pavilion, pergola, summer kitchen, mobile living units and a residential building. You are able to customise your unit by choosing the the facade material, colour and texture.

The units are named as My – My Cuisine summer kitchen, My Shade pergola, My Leisure pavilion, My Vacation mobile living unit and My Home residential building.

My Cuisine Summer Kitchen

Combines contemporary interior design, functionality and premium materials. It can be used as a standalone element or attached to My Leisure Pavilion, Shade pergola or any other pre-existing structure of your choice.

The multifunctional grill is uniquely designed to allow meals to be prepared in various ways, on a metal plate or grill, heated by gas or lava rocks. There are drawers for storing cookware on the whole front side of the kitchen unit.

The unit consists of three parts: the sides (kitchen sink and counter) are made of white corian, while the casing of the middle part (grill) is of enamelled metal. All materials are suitable for outdoor use.

My Shade Pergola

Can be used as a standalone element inside your garden or adjacent to a house, or it can be joined with My Leisure pavilion. It can be used as a cosy terrace, an outdoor kitchen with sitting area, lounge, playground and so forth.

The roof can be installed with glass panels for protection against the elements, or with a fabric canopy or climber plants of your choice for shade.

My Leisure Pavilion

This is a prefabricated multipurpose unit, serving a wide range of uses, private as well as public. My Lesiure can be a be used as summer kitchen, lounge, children’s playground, fair exhibition space, open bar and so forth.

Glazing the pavilion offers even more usage possibilities – it can become an office, café, greenhouse/conservatory, sauna, fitness room, kiosk, showroom etc. Also other types of enclosure with different panel walls can be installed.

You can join several individual My Lesiure units together to make a larger space, attach it to the pergola My Shade, or combine it with the My Cuisine summer kitchen.

My Vacation 28, My Vacation 33 and My Vacation 43 Mobile Living Units

Are contemporary designed mobile summer houses, which are, due to advanced technical solutions, highly adaptable to various climates and thus suitable for any chosen location.

The units are, with its glazed living space in combination with corian / alucobond / polyester / alucore  facade and wooden pergola, designed in a way that allows it to fit excellently in diverse environments, from uninhabited natural landscapes to urban centers.

All the contemporary mobile homes are fully furnished with custom made furniture, whose design follows curvy shapes of the units. Each unit can be customised and turned energy self-sufficient. The units are equipped with distant monitoring system (a.k.a. smart house).

My Home Residential Building

Is a prefabricated house that you can configure according to your needs. It is built of separate units, each of them representing a different living space (bedroom, living room, children’s room, bathroom, maintenance /laundry /utility and staircase. The units can be combined horizontally and vertically).

Apart from the appealing visual image, the mobile units offer users great comfort. The shape of the unit, with its curvy lines, is pleasant and calming comparing to the rigidity of the classic sharp edges. The panoramic windows allow plenty of light and offer great connection to the exterior. One of the biggest advantages is the modularity of all the products.

The uniform shape makes them very easy to combine, giving you the freedom of creating spaces based upon your own ideas.

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