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Modern Pop Art

Room Service art is inspired by music, fashion, Old Hollywood, iconic celebrities and the sexy 70’s. We also think you should have a say in what goes on your walls, which is why clients can select their own image and color palette or simply go with the cool selection found in our modern art section.

We love the glitz and glam of Old Hollywood Art and icons like Marilyn and Clint. They capture the glamor and swagger of Old Hollywood .

Hang retro art above your shag rug and walnut coffee table. Use pops of color and retro images to bring out the flavor of the era and echo the suave sophistication of the mid-century.

Music inspires the design of our rock star art so paying tribute to the Beatles in a canary yellow original painting is one way to connect the music, the style and the art in your pad. Jack is always a favorite within our celebrity art as well as pop art of Twiggy and the abstract art version as well.

Sports lovers will be into the art of iconic sports figures like Jordan and Ali.

Whatever your pop art selection…be sure it’s personal and is a meaningful addition to the eclectic space of its owner.

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