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Cozy Brazilian Living At FF House

São Paulo-based sdesign tudio Guilherme Torres has completed the FF House project. Completed in 2006, this contemporary property can be found in Londrina, in the state of Paraná, Brazil.

According to the architects: “The concept of this project comprises of four cubes. The volume covered with caramel Portuguese tiles signalises the entrance hall and a glass window of 2x5m, reveals the living room. All the leisure and service area are intertwined on the ground floor, painted in a chocolate tone, is at the base of the upper floor, where the intimate area is located.

“Exploring the cube concept, the application of coating materials subvert the traditional employment. Both stone coverings and wood floorings were used in order to seal all the volumes in a global way, overlaying simultaneously walls and floors. This concept grants strength and continuity to the contemporary Brazilian building.

“All the materials and textures were decided at our first meeting with our client, they wanted a contemporary Brazilian house with modern lines and at the same time ‘warm’ materials with many textures to provide a cozy feeling. Nothing is linked with fads but a fresh look at materials that can be found easily in the region.

“What’s really special about this contemporary Brazilian house is not only the finishings, textures and materials but the owners joy of living, that granted their ‘bossa’ and personality in every detail of the property, revealing a very Brazilian way of living.”

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