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The Colors of Mexico

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Hola! Feeling inspired after returning from a wonderful family vacation in Mexico, I have once again fallen in love with color, and find it’s best when infused with an ethnic flavor…

I love the combination of handcrafted wood furnishings, either vintage or new, off set with vibrant colored accessories, woven rugs and hand embroidered tapestry pillows and textiles. Use colorful cactus as centerpieces, sew on Mexican pattered trims on pillows and use colorful woven Mexican blankets to re-upholster your favorite chairs… any way you choose to infuse this colorful, eclectic decor style into your life, the promise is that you’ll feel whisked away to your favorite exotic Mexican destination every time you’re in the space…

Here’s what we found inspiring, and a few items ModShop carries that could incorporate some fun, spicy style to your space…

Colors of Mexico_04.14


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