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Color Trend: Nude, Blush & Neutrals

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We here at ModShop are loving the newest in neutrals…Nude shades that could make you blush!

Barely there shades of off white & ivory, the palest of pinks and skin toned hues. These soft feminine colors are timeless, classic and have become staples for designers in all fields of design. The master shoe designer Christian Louboutin has actually created an entire line of nude colored pumps to match any skin tone…Genius. From high end couture on the runways, to everyday style , nude fashions are so chic , pair pale shades of grey or camel as the neutral and layer with ivory or blush pink…so fresh.

In home decor, we think these soft shades work best when paired with light colored woods, brass accents, pale greys or crisp white…Or keep it monochromatic in shades of the same color for a ethereal look. I found so many inspiring examples of this nude/blush color palette it was hard to pick the best ones…here’s what we found inspiring and some of ModShop’s pieces you could use to create your own barely there color palette.

So instead of going dark again this fall, let’s all go nude 😉

Nude BLush & Neutrals

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