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Christmas Decor: Colorful vs. Neutral glam. Which are you?

Saturate with color on a clean white tree…create a rainbow fade of vibrant shades! Pop with a pink tree in a white space. Add some festive fun to your home for the holidays. Or would you rather go totally neutral, with metallic glam touches, faux fur accents and organic wood pieces? This year we went … Continue reading Christmas Decor: Colorful vs. Neutral glam. Which are you?

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Color Crush: Chartreuse

This week we are crushing on one of my favorite colors: Chartreuse. It’s an alluring shade that is not quite yellow, not quite green…it hovers ever so elegantly right in between! So versatile and elegant. This unique color got its name originally due of its resemblance to the green color of one of a French liqueur called “Green … Continue reading Color Crush: Chartreuse

Color Crush: Yellow, Chocolate & Gold

Chocolate, Espresso, Bittersweet, Mocha…Sunshine, Buttercup, Lemon or Citrine, whatever the shade, these two colors work so well it’s as if they were made for each other. They also make delicious gelato flavors!! What fun it must be to have the job of naming paint colors like these… Warm, cozy brown tones are given a fresh … Continue reading Color Crush: Yellow, Chocolate & Gold

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